Mod Wheel/Automation/nada/but only sometimes

Aloha guys,

I have a strange lil prob here. Strange because sometimes it works and sometimes not.

BTW There is only one chapter on this in the Halion Sonic manual, and it did not help.

Here goes:

!-Open a new project in C7.

2-Load the Halion Sonic VSTi.

3-Bring up an organ sound.
(GM Drawbar Organ 017}

4-Record some music.

5-Play back the music.

6-Active ‘Read/Write’ on the Halion Sonic plug.

7- Start turning some knobs/Pitch Wheel/Mod Wheel etc.
Directly on the plug interface. No remote.

8-Stop Automation recording and put Halion Sonic in ‘Read’ mode only

9-Play back the song from the beginning.

10-All the knobs playback perfectly as per the automation.

11-But the Mod Wheel and the Pitch wheel do not.

12-Sup wi dat?

Here is where it gets really weird.

I have some older songs (done in C5) and when I replace
the current VSTi in those songs (usually SampleTank) with Halion Sonic
the Mod wheel does record automation.

But not always.

I did not use automation back then so there is no
automation info in those songs at all.

I can’t seem to figure this one.

Any help would be great guys.

TIA (thanks in advance)


It has been almost a year and I still cannot figure this one.

Number ‘11’ is the real prob.

Any help would be wonderful.

Sending much Aloha.

I think the deal is that pitch bend doesn’t get recorded as automation, and mod wheel only would if you have set it up in MIDI>CC Automation Setup.

Even then, if you played it on the HS interface it won’t get written as automation, just as playing on the VST’s keyboard won’t get recorded.

Wow, that is pretty incredible. I literally just brought Cubase today and have been playing with it for under 2 hours, made a beat, threw on some synths and the very first thing I wanted to do was record some pitch bend automation. Bummed. Was pretty excited about this synthesizer. There must be a way around it. I am an absolutely fresh off the blocks newbie with Cubase, can anyone point me and others in the right direction for routing the mod wheel outputs to write automation?

Would you not want to use the pitch bend control on your device? Pitch bend can be recorded in midi/instrument track controller lanes.