Mod wheel not working with software instruments

I am using a Carbon 61 midi keyboard. The modwheel works when I assign it to other controllers like the pan or volume options in Cubase, but it doesn’t work with the modwheel in the software instruments that I load. Any suggestions how to make this work?


Isn’t it filtered out in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter?

No, there’s only CC 123
Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 09.01.30.png


Isn’t it used in Generic Remote Device or other Rennie device, which could filter it out?

I have the same issue. Mod Wheel is sending midi signal but not received by anything in Nuendo


Hi and welcome,

Have you checked the Preferences > MIDI Filter?

Do you use any Remote Device?

Hello I have no filters. Nuendo is receiving midi signal as I can see in the transport section. My mod wheel works fine in Nuendo 7. I tested with Midi Ox and the mod wheel sends CC-1.
my pitch wheel works fine in N8 and I can also record key inputs.


Could you try in Nuendo Safe Start Mode, please?