Mod Wheel not working

Hi everybody, my name is Johnny.
I’m using cubase 9.5 artist, with Ekeys by M-audio, and an old Mbox2 external sound card.
My E-Keys are connected to the Mbox2 via MIDI port.

I have a problem with the mod wheel - when pressing F2 the control panel loads, then i move the mod wheel and can see a signal input in there, which means the mod wheel is working and recognized by cubase.
However, if i’m in a midi channel, pressing * to record and then move the modwheel it does nothing.
When I assign the CC1 to the Pitchbend and press * and move the pitchbend - it does record the automation.

Why is this happening? can anyone help me please?

Hi and welcome,

Double check Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter. Make sure Controller 1 is not filtered out here or Controllers are not filtered out for Record (the check-mark should be disabled).

Also double-check Devices > Device Setup > Remote Devices. Make sure no Remote Device (also Track/VST Quick Controls) are not using E-Keys (or All MIDI Inputs) as an MIDI Input here.

Thanks Martin :slight_smile:

So I set the Midi filter as you said. looks like this (did I get it right?) :

And set Remote devices+Track+VST Controls like this (Also got this one right?) :
Still not working , but when I press F2 and load the control panel and then move the modwheel I see this move:
control panel.gif
What do you think I should do next?


Now it cannot work.

Remove all MIDI CCs from the MIDI Filter, please. Now you filet the MIDI CCs out.

And set the MIDI Input in the Track/VST Quick Controls to Not Connected instead of All MIDI Inputs.

What a Genius! Wow thanks Martin, working 100%.
Really made my day