Mod wheel position for instruments not recalled

An update last year introduced this problem and has yet to be fixed.
Very easy to replicate
Open up any instrument, open the on screen keyboard and move the mod wheel.
Close the project. Reopen the project and the mod wheel position for that instrument track is not recalled and is back to 0.
Of course when you open a new instrument track the mod wheel should be at 0, but that’s what not what I’m talking about here.
I’m talking about all the instrument tracks from a project forgetting their mod positions every time I close and reopen a project. And as I usually assign quite a lot of stuff to the mod wheel everything sounds off.
Having to manually readjust the mod wheel postion for several instruments every time i reopen a project is frustrating. And so is having to record the mod wheel as automation (which is the workaround I’ve had to do) which is not ideal.