Mod Wheel

My keyboard Tyros Five

One of my midi tracks has a trumpet improvisation already completed
I want to go back and add a few MOD wheel Bends In post production to that midi track to a few of the trumpets notes
Using my Tyros 5 external keyboard

What is my best approach here using Cubase 9.5 professional?

thank you

Alan Russell

Set the MIDI record mode to either ‘New Parts’ or ‘Merge’. Set record on your trumpet track, record the mod wheel.

Merge will put the mod wheel events in with the trumpet notes, New Parts creates a new part for the mod wheel events, visible if you open the lanes on the trumpet track

all the best


Thanks David I will give it a try at the next rehearsal

You might also want to look at “VST Note Expression” if you have MIDI Data you want to use the Mod Wheel on - .

If it’s audio data you are bringing in from the other DAW, you could change it to MIDI (via VariAudio) if you wanted, and then use “VST Note Expression”! :slight_smile: