Modal dialog off screen (on Windows)

When I am using Dorico (on Windows) on a smaller screen, sometimes the modal dialog boxes are off screen. There are several workarounds to move “normal” windows into the visible area but none of them works for the modal dialogs displayed by Dorico. The only way out is killing Dorico with the Task Manager and hoping not to lose any work.

I noticed this behavior in the following situations:

  1. When creating a new Dorico project while another Dorico project is open. The dialog asking whether the new project should be the active project is off screen.
  2. When exiting Dorico, it sometimes gets stuck with a modal dialog off screen. As I cannot see the window, I am not sure what the purpose of this dialog is. It might be the “unsaved changes” dialog. This only happens when multiple instances of Dorico are open.

Well, I tried this myself and for modal dialogs I found an easy solution.
I took e.g. the Device Setup dialog and drew it with the mouse below the taskbar. After releasing the mouse the dialog could not be seen any more, nor could I get it back with the mouse.
But you can put Dorico into focus and then simply press the escape key which closes the modal dialog.
When invoking the same dialog again, it will appear in the visible area.

Hi Ulf,
I tried creating a new Dorico project while another Dorico project is open. The “Active project…” dialog can be closed using the escape button and the project can be activated later using the toolbar. Thanks for this workaround!
Unfortunately, the dialog remains off screen and it is not displayed in the visible area when repeating the procedure.

Hi @ThomasE , a Google search found following:

Hold down the ALT key.
Press M (Move).
A 4-headed arrow will appear. When it does, use your arrow keys to move the outline of the window.
When you are happy with its position, press ENTER.

This works for Dorico’s Preferences dialog, but not for the Device Setup dialog.
@dspreadbury , is it possible to make all Dorico’s modal dialogs behave the same?

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No, unfortunately not, as only modeless dialogs can show the system menu, and most of Dorico’s dialogs are modal rather than modeless.

However, ahead of the next update we have been working on a solution for this that should mean that those dialogs that currently appear off-screen (in the case that you have previously had an external display connected and it is no longer connected) will once again appear on-screen by default.


Hi @Ulf, hi @dspreadbury,
Good to hear that you are already working on a solution. Thank you very much for the quick support!