Modartt iOS

Just released modartt for iOS do you know if having the desktop license works for iOS or does it have to be a separate purchase.


You download it from the iOS App Store, and link it to your Modartt license, information there when you open the app up. A few buttons to tap and I simply typed in my current serial number and it all updated and activated all the purchases… you need a spare activation slot.


This is excellent news. All the already purchased instruments are available for free, I’m quite pleasingly surprised by this! Kudos to Modartt!


Really everything is great about this release. Tested inside Dorico and it runs very smooth, even on older devices. And this without paying a penny for users of the desktop version.
Thank you, Modartt!


For info, you must have PT8

You are right, if you are still at PT 7 or older you have to pay a few pennies. But every single one is worth it.

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