Modartt Pianoteq 4

Rave reviews for Modartt Pianoteq 4 in this month’s music magazines.

Also, a Getting Started video training guide here:

Ovethe years, the Pianoteq modelling has dramatically proved, so much so that blind tests against smaller sample libraries can many times yield results in favor of Pianoteq. I defenitely believe modelling is the future of the virtual piano industry, but right now if your system can handle it, smulti-GB sample libraries remain far more realistic and depictive of the various nuances of each individual piano. That said, Pianoteq’s user interface and 127 velocity layers may be selling points for many users. Also the 4.5 update has brought added realism in the form of a stronger attack, not to mention the Bluthner and Yamaha U4 add-ons which are Modartt’s most believable offerings to date.