Modartt Stage weirdness!

I wonder if anyone has this behaviour. Modartt Stage Piano has a pretty high CPU when the track is highlighted on the arrange page. However if you select another track on the arrange page the CPU goes right down. Hmmmn!

Stage Piano? Is this the cheap version of Pianoteq? If so, I have the same version, but haven’t noticed anything similar. (You know how it goes, if it’s not broken…) I’ll have a look in a few hours, but I suspect it might be just ASIO guard doing its thing?

I have contacted Modartt and all they say is disable multi-core in Cubase which is plain nonsense. Although I have disabled Multi-core in stage. Still getting the clicks. Guess I will be using Scarbee EP 88 instead.

That’s surprising. I have multi-core in both Cubase and Pianoteq and not getting any clicks. I am at 96/24/256, I have ASIO guard at low, an i7 6700k non overclocked and 32 gigs ram. Maybe my projects are light enough so that I haven’t stumbled upon this problem yet. I am using version 5 and 6 of pianoteq at the moment.

But the response is a little bit hand-waving, I know I would be disappointed if they told me that.:frowning_face: