ModDelay & Doubledelay - where can I get it from for Cubase 8?

Hello guys,

I’m pretty sure I’m not the one to ask for this, yet I could not find any helpful info on this anywhere.

  1. How can I get those cubase 3 sx plugins (for Mac)?
  2. Should they work straight away in my Cubase 8 (on Mac)?

Thank you!

These can’t work on modern Cubase on Mac because they were programmed for old PowerPC CPUs. They won’t run at all on a modern Intel Mac.

DoubleDelay is made obsolete by the new StereoDelay, which sounds better and gives you options to filter the sound and a separate mix knob for both delays instead of just 1.

ModMachine is supposed to replace the old ModDelay, but it’s harder to use. You can imitate the old ModDelay by using MonoDelay followed by Chorus as a send. Set at least the delay to 100% mix.

Thanks for the super fast response mate!

I know everything has got better (and more complicated - sort of a bundle with tech progress)
The thing is I have projects that used those and I don’t remember the settings (9-10 years have passed!)

Guess I will have to re-imagine the effect or maybe setup a windows env for that reason.
Guess will go with the first option :slight_smile:))

Thanks and cheers!