Mode button disappearing?

Hi all,

it’s surely something I did, but when I select Engrave Mode, the Mode buttons disappear, as per attached GIF. Any ideas?


You should be able to bring them back by clicking in the little black line between the menubar and the tabs.

I suggest you use cmd-1-5 (ctrl-1-5 if you’re on PC) instead of clicking on those buttons… :wink:

There is clearly a glitch occurring. You clicked directly in the middle of that button; you were nowhere near the little black strip that allows you to hide those buttons. I’m sure Stefan or Daniel (or John) will be curious to see this.

Is it not just that each mode remembers whether the panels are open or not? And that the last time you were Engrave mode you closed the top panel?

Pianoleo is correct. I stand corrected. I deliberately tested this by closing the top bar on every other panel and switching through with key commands and sure enough, appears and disappears right on cue.

I think this is expected behavior: I just tested a score in which I have the top panel in Engrave mode hidden (with the cmd-6 shortcut), but the top panel is still showing in other modes.

When I click on “Engrave” from another mode (e.g. Write mode), the top panel disappears, just as if I had using the cmd-6 shortcut. I find this behavior very useful, in some modes I want to see the top panel, in other modes I would rather have it hidden.

Yes, Leo’s right: each mode remembers the state of the panels independently. If you hide the toolbar in Engrave mode, when you next come back to Engrave mode, the toolbar will be hidden.

Gentlemen, thank you!

Leo hit it on the head, as usual. I didn’t even know about the tiny arrow to make the buttons disappear/reappear…
But ever since I discovered the awesome capability of having different, synced (!) modes open on 2 different monitors, workflow has been good.
Still, I need to see in the blink of an eye and in my peripheral vision what mode I’m in, and the buttons do that for me.
And Marc, even if I don’t know you (but would love to, I think!), and have the utmost, serious respect for your passion for Dorico and you helping other users on this forum, in this case I don’t feel it’s warranted to “suggest” your workflow/UI interaction to me, who might have totally different requirements compared to you. Peace! <3

All the best, and thanks for your help again

Come on, Benji, all Marc did was point out that there are key commands for switching mode. There’s no need to chastise him for trying to force his workflow on you.

Okay, fair enough, but there’s not nearly enough love emoticons on this forum… Otherwise I would have used plenty of those :wink:
Didn’t want to offend Marc of course (and I sincerely apologize if I did!), but in all fairness he wasn’t helpful in this case with my original issue. Plus, I knew about the key commands…

But, brothers (and sisters!), let’s move on and engrave some beautiful music, shall we not? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


It’s not even Christmas yet, and already I am finding Easter eggs.

Hi Benji!
I discover that discussion. Sorry that my advice was not appropriate :wink:
I’ll try to more helpful next time ^^
You did not hurt my feelings, as I know we are here to share information and suggest workflows, tips or new ideas. It’s a very constructive forum, with interesting people working in music!