Model C- constant noise

I’m wondering if there is a way to cut the sustaining noise that occurs after high notes. I understand that drive emits a noise factor, but the way it is tacked on after notes is a little odd, or is that how a Model C works?

Any solutions welcome, however I would rather tackle this in H5 Macro page rather than using gates, etc. Thanks :smiley:

Anyone else use the Model C?

That was a big reason why I purchased H5, but now I do not trust the organs, any of them.
Maybe I should contact directly, because it is a nasty sustaining sound that lasts up to 1 minute. Sounds like a mistake.

Could you upload a small sample of the sustaining noise or direct us to a patch/program where it’s obvious?

Ok, I will provide an example tomorrow! Thanks.

Dear Mpayne0,

I am using the Model C a lot.
I can not reproduce this issue.
A little audio example really would be very helpful.
Also I need to know which exact program you have loaded into the halion 5 as well.



Hi I have made some of my own presets, and I’ve also found it in “Gospel” organ presets.

It’s obvious. You can adjust the tone of the noise via the drive EQ settings. Turning the drive off, lowers the noise.

Very bad stuff, I can hear it sustaining during my organ parts in the mix. It ruins lovely passages.

I work at low K-levels, so maybe the plug-in is expecting a stronger signal to mask that noise floor? I do get this lately in some noise generating plugins. But this type of noise, there is nothing musical about it.

Accustom yourself to mixing at low signal level, then load an organ preset which should default 20db average over the mix. The noise will overbear the entire mix floor. I think it is not hard to hear, or I have some bug inside my SW.

Ah… I hear it. It’s the vibrato module.
You can easily replicate it by turning down all the drawbars, disable clicks and percussion and enabling the vibrato and turning the Amp’s drive all the way up.

Thats it.

I hope it’s not too much to rectify that bit, as it is a game breaker. Otherwise I do enjoy using the organ’s internals. This project is officially on hold.

Mr Jan, do you think it is something I might wait around for a future fix, or should I pull out the good ol’ Cubase gate (which I have no doubt will work here).

Shame it’s the vibrato! Most of the warmth comes from it. The standard plug-in vibrato has nothing on what’s modeled in H5. I did think about Rotary which has lots of options, but I usually make a mess in it.

Anyone good enough to point me to settings that replicates the 4 vibrato models in H5 using Rotary? Maybe get close?