Model-E 64-bit is here!

Great to see this lovely piece in new clothes… even if it is unsupported.

Great. Thanks Steinberg

Here it is:

Great!! This is the first VSTi I ever paid for. Can’t wait to play with it a bit. My sig has had Model E entry as kind of a joke for quite some time. I guess the joke is on me now and my sig is accurate :stuck_out_tongue:

nice freebie. thanks for the info. ed

Gee – Thanks — Great find “haraldsson”.

I love the humour of the conceivers.
Click on the “model E” and look at the tracklist

It seems to be an ELP concert setlist modified by programmers.

Thanks to the people at Steinberg who updated two nice synths and makes them available for free! A cool way to show us that you really love to make music software!

What a pleasant surprise. I too bought Model E back in the day. It’s nice to see it’s back (and free!) and also available in 64 bit. I’m off to take it for a spin.

Thanks guys!

Let’s just say they took the right decision by making it free in late 2011 and leave it at that. And like free food it would be wrong to say anything bad. I like the new funky red colour scheme!