Model-E installation problem

The Model-E is one of the very few vstis I was not able to install on my Windows 7 computer. When I try to install the plug-in I get the message that it requires the original CD to be in the drive. The original CD is in the drive when I get this message! I had a similar problem with the Waldorf stuff (PPG and Attack) from the same era. Solved that one by buying the Waldorf edition crossgrade at their website which has an updated installer. The Model-E has its limitations but it does some things very well and I will miss it. I don’t think the problem is with the .dll but with the way the installer is looking at the Windows registry. By the way I have tried the 1.1 version on the Steinberg website with the same results. Anybody had success getting Model-E to install on a Windows 7 64 bit system?

Just a thought… W7 has an XP emulator called Windows Virtual PC.

Already tried that. Model-E will install correctly when the virtual machine is running. But authorization of the plug in inside the emulator does not mean that Cubase recognizes the authorization once you return to Windows 7. I thought that might do it too but no go. Thanks for the suggestion though!