Moderately OT, using Dorico "live" with a student online

will do.
so just go in 30 minute increments (lessons can last 3 hours in my case)

Google meet also works well.

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Have a look at OBS. It’s free. Though I’ve not tried the Live Streaming.

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I tried Google Meet (my sister uses that), which is nice because it doesn’t seem to have a time limit, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it to display my desktop or a window other than the webcam.

Zoom seems to be, so far, the easiest to use. But it has those annoying 30 minute limitations.

It’s actually 45 min, but the odd part is, that you also need to wait 10 min until you can start the next meeting (speaking of the free plan, of course)


I spoke to one student, and she said “well, it’s not so bad… we get a short break during the lesson that way, time to go bathroom, or get a drink!”

So actually, the 10 minute thing isn’t all bad.

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Discord is a good tool for this. It’s commonly used for streaming video games among friends, but it’s also great for things like this. Each person can share their webcam and their screen at the same time. You can even watch multiple people’s screens at once.

If you add each other as friends, you can join a group call. You could also make a server (which is free) and everyone can join a voice channel.

The only thing to watch out for is audio. Discord can stream either a specific application or your whole screen. If you want to share audio, you have to share just Dorico and not your whole screen. You also have to make sure that in Dorico, the ASIO Driver is set to Generic ASIO using your default audio device. Dorico’s audio will then be captured and shared separately from other applications. (Other sounds your computer makes will not be shared.)

Here’s a link for more info about using this feature.

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It’s 40 minutes.

True, 40 min. I don’t know where I got the 45 from

Teams is much cheaper (you’d probably be going for Microsoft 365 Business Basic) and you get much more for the money.

If you only need 60 minute calls, you could consider the basic ‘Microsoft Teams (free)’.

I am a big proponent of open source. Please try Jitsi Meet. It’s totally free, works really well, and also has screen sharing.

You can use that public browser based version. I used to host my own instance of Jitsi on my own Linux server and I found it to be excellent. And no time limits of course. Client apps are available for mobile devices as well. More info here:

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