MODERATOR! All my files suddenly cant open anymore!! HELP

The project file is corrupted and cant be opened…
I always save new version every couple minuts…
like: song001. song002…
but my newest track which i worked on for over a week suddenly all files telling me the same…
WHAT THE HELL is this bug???
i tried to open the .bak as well…wont work…
if this is not recoverable i go crazy…
please help and dont post any threads from 2005 where someone had a similar issues
its cubase 6.5… I NEED to recover this file or im pretty much screwed!

Have you changed anything since the project opened up ok, installed anything?


no i saved it 1 week ago, took a flight to another country, came back today and all files cant be opened anymore… :frowning:

honestly this is a disaster…how can you steinberg allow this to happen to the most important file at all???
i wnt down all my backup copies last version that works was version song002-bak5
recent version is song6…its about 3 days of work difference which i cant even reconstruct that easy…
there got to be a .CPR fix or something?
If this is not solved in a way i have to switch the DAW… that never happened to me in 5 years…

Can you open anything? I mean Docs for example or any data for another app.
When you went away was the computer left on?
Has something simple happened like a soundcard connection been lost? Plug left out or backed off of it’s socket. Check everything as things happen when you leave computers for a week. I mean, if you left it on a Windows update might have gone wrong.
Do you have access to a friend with a similar computer where you can install Cubase and try to open the files from there?

This forum is not the best place for serious support issues so I’d drop them a line on this one. Support teams are usually very good at this sort of problem whereas a forum is quite a lot of guesswork.

yes i an open older files… like all files 3 days back from this date.
Computer was shutdown whole time disconnected from power.
i have a macbook pro here, where i could try to open it, would need to install first though and dont have my cubase CD available currently…
i tried reinstalling cubase 6.5 update over my current release and reinstalled plugins used like guitar rig and realguitar…
still same wont open…

Repost this as I was editing as you answered.

This forum is not the best place for serious support issues so I’d drop them a line on this one. Support teams are usually very good at this sort of problem whereas a forum is quite a lot of guesswork.

sory, but how to report this?
i never did it?

Thats really ridicullous all my files saved after the last session are corrupted…
i had 2 diffrent other songs i was working on, same thing…
this is so wrong regarding the purpose of this programm.
if this software is for serious production there should be no way to destroy files during saving like that…
Comon guys dont tell me thats it for me??


Try to trash your preferences of Cubase (delete Cubase folder from the Library/Preferences folder, if I remember right the path). Try to update your eLCC, try to Repair Disk Permission from the Disk Utility.

You wrote, your computer was shut down. What about different switching off of your computer? Do you use Sleep, or Shut Down? Wasn’t this shuting down first time for long time ago? Maybye some system updates after this “restart”?

Can you try to switch 32/64-bit in the Get Info and start projects in the second one mode?

I tried,
repair of disk…
started in 64bit mode
repaired ELC
trashed prefs
and restarted computer…
still wont work!
Someone tell me please how to contact steinberg concerning this matter.
I wont take this as final leaving my hard work as corrupted files.



go to
login with your accountname and password
fill out support request form and sent it
Once you sent it you should get an confirmationemail automaticly if not check if you really have sent it.

Greetz Bassbase

This is starting to piss me off reallly… cant send form, connection always drops…
sending two files in size 2,4 mb and 4 mb…

check your internet connection get infos about sped and ping

and i woud compress both files you want to sent in a zip or a rar file.

Greetz Bassbase

How do you know your files are corrupted? What did you check them with?

Can you open any files from other programs? NOT Cubase files. (.doc .wav. mp3 etc. into Word or Windows Media Player, say.)
And, when you get your Cubase disks back do the demos load? If they load first time save them and then see if they will reload.

I think you can download demo Projects from the Download or ftp pages here, definitely you candownload another copy of Cubase.

Er, heads up all the helpers. Just check this guys posts. Is he a serial complainer or what? I’ve done my best and I’m sure you have too. Thanks.
Could be me but I’m out of this one.

Can you try to open the file on different computer? If you have second computer, you can install the Cubase on it. Use your USB Steinberg key with the license on it. Or you can ZIP it, and send the link here.

I will give it a go on my system if u would like me to.
If it opens; Can try resaving and if that doesn’t work bounce down audio

very strange, 1 of the files is able to open now after i copied it from my cubase folder to the desktop…
the other one still wont do…
though now it seems my kontakt is kind of corrupted… as all my libs are deactivated and on loading the Input EA and out cant be found

If you are afraid, some of your plug-in is corrupted, just copy all vst files to the different folder, and start Cubase without plug-ins. YOu will see, if this works.