MODERATOR! All my files suddenly cant open anymore!! HELP

tried that also, wont do it.
one file seems to be recovered, no idea how though.
as i tried to copy it it said constantly cant be copied, i tried to zip it then and it failed. but then copy worked the copy then could be opned.
other files wont be tricked the same way.
can someone try to open it please:

AAA-addon.cpr - 4 MB

What did official support suggest when you rang the help line?


I’m sorry, I have problem to downlad it. :confused:

just click low speed download down right and wait couple sec to download as free user!

Still not rung official support?


Rewriting of the code is problem. It looks, I didn’t type correct code anytime. i tried it 10-tomes, maybye more. Can you check my e-mail address in the user profile, and send the CPR file directly to me by mail?

Wondering if problem solved ??