Modern hard rock song


again something new from my studio. This time hard rock song from a band Wyleshade. Everything recorded, mixed and mastered by me. In Cubase 7.5 off course. :wink:


Wow, these guys must love you! Always a great punchy loud mix and full use of the stereo field. Fully professional for this kind of music. You really know what you’re doing! I try to imagine what they sounded like before you made them sound so good… it’s not exactly original or well performed… but I give you tons of credit!

Agree with early21 on this…you’ve made what was probably mediocre sound excellent…great work!! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

unspoken - Love that kick and snare! Great vocals too. What are you mastering with? Multiband with limiter? Also enjoyed the breakdown at the end showcasing the fact that the song is heavy but the guitars aren’t over saturated. Well done!

Thanks aMUSEd. My mastering chain is sometimes Hybrid (analog compressors, digital everything else), but most of the time I stay in digital domain for mastering. MY chain is:
compressor for glueing, max 2db gain reduction (slate vcc, elysia alpha or tdr feedback compressor),
eq - equilibrium from DMG
tape emu - usually toneboosters reelbus
soft clipper - u-he satin has great soft clip
limiter - never limiting more than 1-2 db

That’s basically it. :slight_smile:
I almost never trigger or use samples for drums, so everything that comes from my production is real drummer playing real drums. :slight_smile:

And the best gear for guitar and bass: Kemper profiler. :slight_smile:


Cool! Great mix. Ready for prime time! Liked the video concept too :sunglasses:

Thanks for the details on the mastering chain. One question though - you are using no loudness plugin? It sounds competitively loud. How do you do that with just a mild limiter? Is it the soft clipper?

yes quality stuff , shame you don`t comment on other peoples recordings ,you could probably give some good advice . :slight_smile:

[quote=“polgara”]yes quality stuff , shame you don`t comment on other peoples recordings ,you could probably give some good advice . :slight_smile:[/quote


Hey guys. I agree. :slight_smile: I should listen and comment on other people’s music, but the truth is, that I am really busy with my studio, so I rarely find time to post my songs on various forums, let alone listen and comment other people’s music.

But if anyone is interested in my production techniques, workflow etc, I am more than willing to share them. I just need to find more time. :slight_smile:

Thnx again for listening and commenting on my mixes.