Modern (Modulated) Automation in Cubase, how can i do this?

Hi there,

How can i automate different vst plug-in parameters with ( a 30% - 80 % knobResponserange ) an LFO / ADSR triggered from another channel?


Reese Bass //

  1. Automate Cutoff on insert 1 by a range of 32 to 80 ( LFO ) - turning knob left><right affect only 30-80%

  2. Start LFO/ ADSR with NoteOn

  3. Repeat ( >something similar< ) on another channel

  4. Compose song without any tracks LFO s interfering with each other

I am asking because i can reach step 3 in Cubase but have hit a mental brickwall

i want to move beyond this to transfer my soundbanks from Bitwig,

How can i modulate sounds in Cubase like in Ableton/Bitwig ?