Modern surround support (7.1, 9.1, etc.)

Writing and producing music for surround these days more and more calls for 7.1 or even Atmos (7.1.2).

Nuendo is just WAY overkill for the music composer wishing to accommodate modern surround formats! I don’t need gaming, voiceover, or VR tools - Just more buses! It high time for Cubase to update it’s surround output features!

Thanks for listening.

I agree that those formats would be nice for people doing movie sound tracks. But I think the future is going to be ambisonics, currently gaining favor in gaming/VR, but also better for music. For one thing, it will adapt to the listener’s speaker configuration, when it finally catches on in the world of consumer electronics. I expect this to happen because of gamers. Certainly there are a lot of 7.1 systems out there, as it’s almost standard on computers, but I wonder how many people actually have that setup.

I don’t know how much effort it would take Steinberg to do this. I know they’re working on ambisonics. Mathematically, all these formats can be authentically served by converting from an ambisonic source. (Preferably at least 2nd order.)