Modernization of vintage non-smart menus in this program

getting super tired of coming across these annoying old vintage menus…

-they don’t alphabetize order,
-they can’t manually be re-ordered, they have no search filter
-no sub-menu organization.

Please give us proper menus EVERYWHERE.

This should be a pop-up floating menu.

I could easily have 100 controller lane presets - for particular hardware synths, for VSTis, for particular Kontakt instruments, etc, etc.

It’s not practical to have all of these stacked in non-alphabetical order, no sub-menus, etc.


The organize menu is tiny, cuts off the name, can’t be resized, presets can’t be re-ordered.

maybe this was improved in 11?


ALso, no easy way to update preset in this area

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alt+clicking on a preset,

should ADD it to the current Controller Lane setup instead of replacing the current Controller Lane setup

I don’t get this either. Aesthetically it looks 90’s and functionality wise it feels 90’s.
I’m not interested in pretty, I’m interested in workflow.

How 'bout, when we open a menu, it fills the whole screen. Silly little poky menus that all pop up in different places on the screen. Consistency please.

Monitors are 32" minimum these days, so why have menus that are 2" and have us scroll?.

I Agree, Ideally any window that holds presets should be searchable and possible to sort by column.

Trouble is, that preset data just comes straight from a .xml file and is not indexed as per the media bay style pop-ups, which allows for searching/sorting.

Because of that, You can at least sort the list how you want manually by editing the RAMPresets.xml file. i.e. moving the individual branches within the “ControllerLaneSetups” parent.

However, Editing .xml/text files is something Reaper users love as it offers them flexibility, but it shouldn’t be necessary in a ‘ready to go’ suite like Cubase.

You’d hope before every major update, someone at Steinberg is tasked with sweeping through the entire Cubase interface and flagging such items. Almost as a ‘usability’ safety net. - Once they’re on top of it, it should be easy to maintain.

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I wonder if Reaper also has the problem with .xmls losing new data if a crash or improper shutdown occurs, that has created some headaches - the .xml system will only retain data changes if the program properly shut downs, otherwise it reverts to the info stored at the point of the last proper shutdown as i bring up here
Big problem with this .xml system, is crashing = lost data, settings, etc. Why is there no backup? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

regardless of .xml vs individual presets files… You’d think they could code the program to be able to interpret the .xml files in a number of ways… Alphabetize does work with macros if you close and re-open in the key commands window (or create a new macro), so some functionality can occur with the program reading .xmls. The downside seems to be having it done in real time, and or, the devs have to code this in each specific instance instead of using a recurring bit of file database and preset container code.

In this context of Controller Lane Setup, even a floating pop up window would be great - I would even factor that into my workspaces because then changing controller lane setups could be very quick on the fly.

or even better


FR: Controller Lane Setup left inspector tab in MIDI editors - search, visual indicators, EASIER - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

BTW, you can select Controller Lane presets with KC’s.
Again, why make us scroll?


I wish there was a way of defaulting the controller lane to not showing, as it often takes up precious real estate that I need

They give us the PLE so we don’t have to scroll to a track.
They give us Markers so we don’t have to scroll to a section of a song.
But they give us stupid little menus and UI’s all over the place where the only way to find anything is to scroll.
Just doesn’t add up. They must have employed an idiot savant during this period of Cubase’s development.

Maybe the lead tester for controller lanes still has their treasured 800x600 monitor?
“If it works on that, it works on anything!” Thumbs Up, Smiles to camera

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