modifier key for range tool

Why is there no possibility to add a modifier key for the range tool when working with the object selection tool? That would be much more intuitive.
Like alt+click is splitting an event or ctrl+alt is slipping an event.

It would be really nice to assign i.e. shift+alt to the range selection tool, so you don’t have to switch between those 2 tools anymore.


+1 Would save loads of click-click-click time every single day. Would be a major difference for editing and put Cubase more in the more intuitive realm of PT, Reaper, etc., when it comes to this stuff.

Yeah and it would be great in general if it’d be possible to manage the key modifiers all by yourself. Now they are all pre set, and the modifier key for the range tool would be already all I’d need for now. But who knows, adding that flexibility may fasten up someone others workflow!


Actually this is my no1 request

a thousand times yes please!!!


At first sight, the new smart tool might be a good idea, but it would have been so much simpler to let us assign a modifier key. I find working with the smart tool really distracting, and I just can not get used to two different tools changing between each other when being in different areas of a track. Please let us decide by our own when to use the tools by making key modifiers more customizable!