Modifier key issue

Hello, I’m having an odd issue. My “command” modifier key stops working after each stroke. I need to click on an empty space in the editor/sequencer to re-activate it each time. It’s not an OS issue (mac) as it’s only happening with cubase (I’m on cubase 11). any ideas?

I’m attaching a video example, you can see the window getting greyed out as I hit the key command

Hi there! Please add the issue tag to this topic and then add the steps to reproduce the issue. What exactly do you expect to happen when you press down the command key? To me, your issue description is a bit vague. This is why I’m asking.

It’s an issue that appeared out of nowhere. As you can see in the video, when I hit the shortcut (it does this with a bunch of them) the cubase windows gets greyed out as if it wasn’t upfront anymore. At this point, I can’t enter any other key or shortcut unless I click with my mouse somewhere on the sequencer to “get back” to cubase. I hope that makes more sense ^^