Modifier key or key command to quickly align MIDI note ends

I would love to be able to select a group of multiple stacked MIDI notes (e.g.a chord, etc) and align the ends by holding a modifier key. In Logic, if you have multiple notes with uneven edges, you simply select those notes then hold the Shift key while dragging the note lengths. The ends will automatically align and snap to the cursor. If you want to align the left ends, you Shift-drag from the left. If you want to align the right ends, you Shift-drag from the right.

You could set up a quick macro for this. Split at cursor+Delete. Select all the notes in the chord, drag their ends past the cursor position then
use the Split at cursor+Delete macro.

Thank you sir, that will help for now. I still would like this implemented though. It is a very quick and slick procedure.