Modifier key to temporarily enable/disable snapping, PLEASE

I reeeaaaally wish there were a way, when snapping is enabled, to hold down a modifier key to temporarily disable snapping (like cmd or option, etc). Logic Pro does this. It’s something I miss terribly, and it’s minor, but it’s one of those workflow things that is a microscopic time-saver. I’d love to see this feature implemented in C6!

I’ve been "+1"ing that one for years! :smiley:

This gets requseted on a weekly basis

A definite +1 from me (again)

plus 1!

Aloha and +1

Another vote!

I’ll give +1 as well, though its become ingrained that my left hand fingers sit over the F G H J keys and I’m comfortable with that. However, I can see how/why a lot of folk would like this - hell, I could quickly get used to it too I’m sure… :slight_smile:


And another +1



i agree 100%. this is a top feature on my wishlist for years! please steinberg, have mercy with us! :slight_smile:



I +1 this again. :wink:

So is there a more official way to make this a feature request? Or does Steinberg monitor these here and keep track?


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    great FR!!!

+1 some more … I wonder how many times I’ve +1ed this request?

true, free moving region start/end with keycommand “Strg” (Control)

and with “Strg+Alt” you can move the audio wave or midi´s inside the region freely. nice!

But there´s no keycommand to temporarily disable snapping per region (except “J”…)