Modifier keys when drawing notes

Another question for our savvy community:
Remember how when drawing notes on the piano roll you could choose different velocities by pressing Ctrl or Shift or combined to get different velocities? Can that still be done in 6.5? I don’t manage… I know I have the velocity menu but that is SOOOO slow compared to just pressing keys as you draw… Am I missing something super obvious? :blush: I can’t find it on the manual either…

Thanks so much to anyone offering a solution (meaning remedy not drink :slight_smile:


I don’t know about the tool modifiers.

However, you can use a key command to quick select one of the five predefined velocities from the velocity menu.
They’re found in the MIDI category of the key commands dialog, called “Insert Velocity 1-5”.

Operation Manual, Page 383

Thanks Shinta. I guess that is what I will have to do.
In earlier days the keys where set. Now we have to assign them.
Off to work then.