Modify and delete articulations in the articulation lane without deleting the note

It’s incredibly counter-intuitive (not to mention time-consuming) to have to manually select a ‘staccato’ articulation with the draw tool (just to give an example) to delete it. Working with articulation maps etc is both tedious and time-consuming enough as it is, and this saps my life-force every time I have to do it. I should be able to group select a bunch of articulations and just delete them, without deleting the notes as well. Cubase’s USP has always been its MIDI control, and articulation maps feel like a slightly undercooked feature in need of a facelift/update.

+1 for an articulation lane overhaul. You’re right, this can be such a selling point for Cubase because other DAWs ignore this, while every media composer needs this.