Modify Glyph or create font character?

I really need to have quickly available some l.v. ties that I can freely placed in the score. Examples would be where notes are tied between scenes (Flows) in an Opera, and in complex piano music where you show just the beginning and ending of the ties, like often was done in Olivier Messiaen’s scores. And there are others.

Would it be possible to just modify an exiting glyph? I didn’t find anything already done. On would it be better to create something in Fotographer?

Any ideas?

I don’t know if LV ties are actually font glyphs: they may just be drawn curves. You can of course create your own graphic shapes and import them.

If you have got a font editing app, then you could create your own ties and apply them as text or Playing Techniques, or substituted for some other thing, like Jazz falls.

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If there are any experts here who are good at modifying glyphs, I’ve love to have both under and over ones, in three lengths. I set my l.v. ties at 2.5 - 3 spaces.

What would your price be?


jamwerks, I’ll PM you.

I don’t understand the fixation with font glyphs.

  1. Set up some lv ties in a Dorico project (above/below the stave, well separated).
  2. Take graphic slices as SVGs.
  3. Import the SVGs into the Playing Techniques editor and create custom Playing Techniques. Save as default for future use.

You’re going to have to manually place each one next to the relevant note, but that would be exactly the same if you were using Shift-X text.

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I made these fairly easily. I’ll start a separate thread with a link.

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