modify only velocity of selected notes [resolved]

I would only modify the velocity of the selected notes but the velocity of all notes are modified simultaneously in the piano roll midi editor … ?

Logical Editor

I remembered that it could be done in the piano roll ? is there an option ? (with the pencil)

How are you trying to do that?
There are several ways…
Select the desired notes, then…
a) As mashedmitten said, use the Logical Editor.
b) Go up to the Key Editor’s Info Line, and change the velocity value that you see there (it is probably the value of the first-selected note). The values of the other selected velocities will change by the same amount.
c) Hold down Shift+CMD(Mac)/CTRL(PC) and hover over one of the selected notes (not the velocity bar, but the note itself, in the main body of the window). When the cursor changes to a “speaker” icon, the individual velocity values will appear by the notes, and you can scroll the values with the mouse’s scrollwheel.

Thank you !

I just experimented the c) but here I select the notes by CTRL + Shift (PC) and after with the pencil I can for exemple write a line (but I must keep CTRL/SHIFT in the bottom velocities editor) and only selected notes velocities change !

Thank you very much !

Just in case someone stumbles across this page only.