Modifying default drum kits and amp sim help

Currently using Cubase 8 and Cubasis as my recording platforms and have been finding it difficult to take my drum loop midi files and hair them with cubasis. I have them uploaded to the program fine but the assignment of the cubasis drum kits doesn’t match the midi files. When I place them in addictive drums they work just fine even though they are imported. Is there a way for me to assign say, cowbell to hi hat in cubasis? I also need a second kick programmed for some of he loops and seem to be missing that in the various kits. It is frustrating because the same midi loop sounds different in each kit due to assignments I presume of the individual drums.

Last question is probably a simple fix. Bias FX will only function on one channel at a time. When double tracking how do I get the plug in to load on both channels?

Hi BillM,

Thanks for your message.

Remapping MIDI events to a different key can be easily done - either in Cubase or Cubasis.
Below please find a short description, make sure to create a copy of the MIDI event first!

  • Open the MIDI event in the MIDI editor
  • Select the events to be moved to another key (e.g. cowbell)
  • Move the selected events to a different key (e.g. Hi Hat)

If you want to do this in Cubasis, our MIDI editor tutorial might come in handy:

Hope that helps.