Modifying defaults for a "template" file

In this file, there are two things I’d very much like to set and save as default:

  1. When I add a player, I want it assigned to all flows. At present, I have to assign it manually. That’s because this file started out as an XML import.

  2. When I add a player, I have to select its requisite part layout and turn on multi-bar rests manually every time. I’ve tried using the buttons in the bottom left corner for saving as default, but I can’t get them to stick.

I’d rather not start over, since I have amassed quite a few customized settings for this file over time. Is there a way to change these defaults?

There’s no way for you to change these defaults from within the software, but I can do it by hand. See attached.
00-LEAD (603 KB)

I didn’t expect that, but much appreciated Daniel!

Curious: why was I not able to save the multi-bar rest consolidation as default? Is there something I’m missing about that function in Layout Options?

I think both of your problems were linked. Somehow you’d managed to save full score defaults as defaults for parts, though that is supposed to be impossible, and that was messing things up. I can’t promise that you won’t encounter future similar problems if that is the case, unfortunately.