Modifying DMX Data

Zero-Line not reachable
I have another question about creating and editing DMX data in the Graph Zone. I noticed that if you try to draw a curve with the pen that should end at “0” again and you touch the edge of the scroll bar displayed below, the program continues drawing much higher in the graph zone. Shouldn’t it be better to prevent the creation of data with the pen altogether? (See video)

DMX Drawing Data

No Modifiyers
Then I noticed, (in the current VSTPro version) that the modifiers (Start/Value/Channel) in the DMX-Toolbar are missing, so that I can select individual data points on the graph, but I cannot change it. (See the screenshot)

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… excellent report, thank you very much. Both bugs are fixed and ready for the next update.


Thank you!

VG Detlef

Good Evening, just played around if I can select DMX events for channel 1 (LeftClick+AreaSelection via mouse),

  • Copy (CMD+C) all selected
  • change bottom line to another DMX ch and
  • paste there.
    Unfortunately when pressed CMD+V, app crashed immediately. Dropped ips below, I hope helps.
    vstlive-2024-01-05-184705.ips (41.1 KB)

Hi @fkalmus,

thank you! Copy/Paste of DMX events are not working at the moment. Coming next. Wasn’t there another thread about out? Ah, here.

… Yes, that helps a lot. That crash is fixed now. Ready with the next update.


Ahh, yes, completely forgot that from last week. Just became delighted after reading ver.hist. selecting and info line is working, so just went straight ahead with Copy/Paste :sweat_smile: sorry. At least runned to something…