Modifying length of incoming midi notes

I’ve got an Alesis Controlpad MIDI controller that I am trying to use to trigger samples. Unfortunately, it sends extremely short midi messages. This is due to the lack of sustain inherent in drum pad controllers. These messages are so short that they do not always get read by the vst instrument properly.

I know it is easy to lengthen these notes after they are recorded, but is there any way to delay the midi note off even by ~20ms in order to lengthen the notes as they are recorded?

I like that, would be useful for my drumkit at times. I usually use the drumeditor though, there it’s easier to edit notes that are so tiny. If I have to, I just use the fixed lenght function, but if your instrument can’t read them that’s not really a solution if you want to hear yourself playing live.

The input transformer should be able to do that!

Unfortunately not; neither the Input Transformer nor the Transformer Insert FX have position/length parameters. Those are only available in the Logical Editor (i.e. only on notes that are already recorded).

Not knowing which sampler you wish to trigger, are you getting the same problem if the samples are (or even can be :question: ) set to “one shot”?

Ah… Bummer (tis usually the project and logical I use) :frowning:

Not knowing which sampler you wish to trigger, are you getting the same problem if the samples are (or even can be :question: ) set to “one shot”?[/quote]
I mentioned a sampler before, just because it might be more applicable there. Plus I have experienced that with GA1 a few times. I actually noticed it on this occasion when triggering an external synth.

I set a long release on the synth so that even a short note would trigger a longish note, but I only got it to trigger from half of the hits. Then I figured that lengthening the midi-note could not only fix the missed-notes, but also eliminate the need for the long release (if the midi-note length could be set long enough). I know this is a slightly unorthodox approach, so if Cubase doesn’t do it natively it is no big deal. Just trying to explore some new options

Groove Agent ONE does use “one shot” as default (Pad Edit>Voice>“Tr. Mode”), so the length of the incoming note should not make any difference anyways.

EDIT: Here’s something you could try, with the Input Transformer (basically, getting it to ignore note-offs)…
Upper section…
Type is___Equal___Note___and
Value 2 (Velocity)___Less___1

Lower section… leave empty.


Dont forget to “switch on” the current Input Transformer module :wink:.