Modifying notes in Chords w/ macros or LE

Wonder if anyone can help.

I need a logical editor command or macro that will select the C3 note (as an example) in the image below whilst either reselecting or not deselecting the already selected notes.

I’ve got some commands that manipulate chords around and for some reason some of them leave notes unselected when they are run so it makes for some odd results.

Basically I need to be able to select every note that sits under the cursor to allow for correct interpretation of the chord.

For example in the image above started with a Cmajor triad ( C E G) and I have used some macro and logical editor commands to flatten both the major3rd and major 5th and then add a minor 7th (the A# here). When the command is run however it leaves only the top 3 notes selected and as a result if you try to then add or amend back to the chord track you end up with Eb minor as it interprets only the Eb (D#), the Gb (F#) and Bb (A#) as the selected triad, and not the C as the root which would give you Cmin7/b5.

Any ideas??

Add the select none command after your steps are complete.

Thanks, but I don’t think that will be helpful as I need to have the 4 notes selected including the root to be able to amend the chord track for the notes as a chord.

I can’t really make out what you are after. Maybe if you can explain it in a simple and brief manner it would be easier.

Sorry I’ll try to explain again.

I basically need a logical editor function that says

If note will be played at same time as already selected other notes, then add to selection.

Or maybe one that says this
If note is under cursor then select

I can’t find a way to get this functionality.

It would also help if you could include the precise macro and logical editor commands you are already using.

You could perhaps try ‘set locators to selection range’ followed by the Logical editor factory preset ‘select notes in cycle range’ - but without knowing the commands you are already using it’s difficult to make a suggestion.

Thanks, that’s the workaround I’ve currently got in place but it’s a bit awkward as I then lose the locator positions each time and that can be a bit annoying.

Ok, will give it a go…

Macro = “Change Major triad to min7/b5”


This macro contains process logical editor commands:
Lower the 3rd

Lower the 5th

Add minor 7th

Move the locators to the selected notes (This is the bit I want to avoid)

Add Root note to Selected notes by selecting everything inside the locators

Refresh the chord track using standard command run from a midi trigger that runs this command (needs to fire twice*):


All of this is triggered through a midi remote that I have set up to a touch screen controller that sends a midi command.

*Interestingly, and maybe a bug for another day, for it all to function fully the refresh chord track routine needs to be triggered twice for the chord track to be updated correctly. I’m not too fussed about that as it’s not noticeable (midi command is sent twice 500ms apart)

I understand the dilemma but I can’t think of another way to select all the notes right now. Someone else here might have an alternative solution for all this.

What about the Select under Cursor command? followed by
(refresh page to see animation)


OMG LOL, for the life of me I could not find that simple command. Solved. Thanks

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