ModMachine - a question or two please

Hello -

  1. Can someone explain please what the “Modulation” is in this plug-in? I see the “Width” control refers to pitch modulation. If activated, does that mean the delay is not at the pitch of the original signal, but instead moves up and down by an amount determined by the width setting (and timing determined by the “Rate” knob)? If so, can anyone with golden ears tell how the #s on the “Width” knob calibrate to cents or tenths of cents of pitch variation?

Finally, how/why is it useful to have pitch modulation on the delay (newB query #^^^).

  1. The “Spatial” knob … I can’t tell, but I get the feeling that as it “stereo-izes” the return delay, it isn’t reducing the amount returning to the center of the stereo field at the same time. How can I confirm if I’m right or wrong about this, and if that’s the case, how can I get rid of the delays coming back to the center?

Thanks much for any thoughts!

[Edit: I think I figured out a way to tell if “Spatial” does or doesn’t keep returning to the center as it increases the stereo field - would this work? … Route the signal to ModMachine using a pre-fader send, fade the source track to zero/all the way down, and that would allow me to just listen to the delay itself …?]

It´s useful, if you want to have a pitch modulated dely…
Listen what it does, and if you have a use for that, it is useful, otherwise it isn´t.

You can simply try…

Stumped :frowning: , could use some helpful advice please.

I’m having to use two instances of ModMachine, panned hard L/R, to keep the delays out of the center. Is there a better solution? I was hoping Spatialize would route the signal to the sides (away from the center) but it seems to just be a sweep across the stereo stage, so I don’t see that is the answer.

I also took a look at the “Stereo Delay” plug-in. For some reason I can’t keep the delays 100% out of the center either, even w/ the panning +100/-100.

Is there a simpler way to have the delays routed away from the middle using maybe just one instance of ModMachine? It’s built-in filter flexibility is something I’d like to have available, if possible.

Thanks -

You need to vary the delay times of the L and R delay. Two identical delays with the same delay time panned L/R will obviously end up sounding dead center.

Thank you, TC. Re: Stereo Delay that you mentioned, there is some signal up the C w/ the L set at 1/32 and the R at 1/16. Though the predominant delay IS hard L/R, there is an intermittent brief appearance (a random syllable or two each vocal phrase) up the center. The signal up the C becomes more prominent as I increase the number of repeats (Feedback).

But it’s ModMachine I’d really like to nail down. R U (or anyone else maybe) by any chance familiar w/ it … is it a plug-in that can’t keep the delay entirely out of the center?

Thanks -

You hadn´t mentioned the feedback before… :wink:

Not unless you insert it on a mono track and pan that out of center.

Not extremely educating (that is an understatement) but nice to watch about Modmachine:

Thanks for that confirmation, TC.

Last question, from my OP - I’m not quite understanding “width” either. It seems to introduce very brief 6 cent increases in pitch at intervals and of duration not synced to the project. ???

I created a test tone in Cubase, then w/ all parameters in ModMachine set to zero, I recorded the output of the Group that had ModMachine inserted. I then ran that through Variaudio, and it was as expected a flat line (though for some reason Variaudio put it at A3 + 4%, maybe 440 isn’t exactly an A).

Then I set the Width control to 100%, repeated, and looked at the VariAudio output. This time the line wasn’t flat anymore. Instead, at regular intervals that weren’t sync’d to the project tempo there were brief (about 1/16 to 1/32nd duration) little peaks in pitch, which Variaudio said were A3+10%. Is that what “width” does then, it doesn’t seem/sound very musically programmed, I’m guessing more likely I’m doing something wrong.

Plug_in-Reference pdf explains what the “width” control does - it modulates the pitch of the delay signal. You can quite well hear that with a short noise / tone burst. And the result also depends on the rate and Frequency speed parameter also. I don´t really understand what you´re trying to do with the VariAudio “measurement”, or what you think you´re doing wrong or right…?

Well, I wanted to get a sense of how much pitch variation “Width” introduced, and as you pointed out the manual only gave a qualitative description. I could hear SOME changes to the source when I set “Width” to 100%, but they were so brief and subtle to me I couldn’t really hear them as well as you do.

So I thought seeing it visually would help me, (VariAudio to show the actual pitch changes over time was the only thing I could think of). I did have rate and frequency set to zero so their effect on the signal wouldn’t make it harder to see the effect of “width” alone. I was surprised enough by the results that I figured most likely I’d not thought it through correctly. Maybe “Width” is best used when rate and frequency are also, and what I was seeing/hearing when those other controls were set to zero was just some artifact.