ModMachine - rate knob??

Hopefully a simple question - I get all the controls on the mod machine, except the “rate” knob (just to the right of the delay knob). What does this do/modify??

According to the Reference manual: The Rate parameter sets the base note value for tempo syncing the delay modulation (1/1 to 1/32, straight, triplet, or dotted). If tempo sync is off, the rate can be set freely.

Should have said, I have read the manual… but what does this sentence about the rate knob mean??

For example, the two speed knobs at the bottom quite clearly set the speed of the lfos for cutoff and q - but what, specifically, does the rate knob at the top affect? It doesn’t seem to do anything if the “width” knob is at zero, so I’m guessing it’s to do with the rate of the chorus effect?

As a side note, it sucks you can’t set the lfo rate to more than a whole note, it’s nice to have these sort of filtering effects go over several bars.