Mods & new Members required!!

Hi Guys,

Im part of a new Web project, that is in the course of centralising VST related Videos worldwide into a useable database of everything related to the VST world.

Software Instruments, Plugins, New Products, Reviews, Tutorials, Studio Sessions etc. ( Its a BIG project, but one with a sole devotion to everything VST & its related history. We are looking for mods / admins who would like to be part of the project from the very onset. No real commitments, just a few hrs here & there, looking / tagging & reviewing VST related videos.

If anyones interested, please hit me with a PM, and Ill go into details.

We have a solid commitment from a whole host of VST companies,who are giving us there full backing, in suporting our company in centralising this database into a user driven community, where playlists, & member channels can be distributed freely between the community * Social Networks etc)… so If you would like to help from the project onset, & help us get on top of the database (400,000 videos & counting) (All DAW platforms, inc Cubase & Nuendo :laughing: … ALL soft synths… ALL Plugins etc ) …so Im sure there wll be something of interest to all of us. so hit me up, if you have some time (approx 5- 10 hrs or ) so, dealing with your favourite VST subject (Recording /Mastering / Guitar Emus / Plugs/SoftSynths/ Engineering/ Effects /PC recording / MIDI / DAW of Choice / DJ / Monitors / PC recording …the list is endless…so whatever you have to offer timewise…its appreciated however small! :laughing:

Send Me a PM!! :smiley:

I know, lets call it YouTube. It’s catchy.

Exactly what came to my mind, too. :astonished:

sarcasm is great,when you actually know how to use it :laughing:

Ever tried to find anything of real interest on youtube…in a concise, workable manner?..bad tags, (you know cubase ,boobies,london etc)…of course they are a host,along with vimeo,metacafe,veehd, blah blah.upwards of 40 video hosts & counting…all different entities where you have to actually visit EACH host to view their content. all hosting different content as well.

this is NOT the case with our project.

our project aims to collate in a workable manner, with far more intricate & sensible catagories, that you can jump from with one click…i.e Cubase 6…then straight to VST Reverb units , to Product reviews, to Midi controller etc…

You CANNOT do that on youtube, OR any video host for that matter.
alongside many other far superior features that is NOT available on youtube, for members to utilise.

so thanks for your constructive adhoc posts guys. :blush:


That’s exactly what you’ll be up against, I can foresee an uphill struggle against wizened, tardy, old clinical, been there done that types (of which I consider myself part of) to get a foot in the door…

I do wish you the all the best success with the endeavor though :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks split…even though I do class myself in that catagory too bro…I see the project as a winner, on so many levels…(think of it a centralised repository for VST land…( The guys I deal with on Gearslutz see where Im going with it…Ive had MANY positive comments to the endeavour, and Im very surprised at any cynicism here btw :unamused:

We see the site as along the lines of Gearslutz/Product Forums like this one /Youtube / KVR all rolled into one centralised source. I see many benefits, but not many drawbacks other than those you pointed out.

anyone kinda sick, having to come & visit 3-4-5 different sites , just to try & keep abreast of things NEW happening in the VST world…well we did…that what the project os all about…Centralisation of news,videos,reviews, etc…all in a happy place…with comments & blogs enabled where members can discuss, videos (YES akin to youtube,but without the spotty 18 yr old dounuts “my shit is better”…as this project is aimed at industry professionals/manufacturers… NOT “I wanna produce,but my pc is crashing”…there is plenty of place for those, even here.

NO FORUMS…NO ADS…NO SPAM…just Product news,Videos Demonstrations from manufacturers etc…RSS feeds …all chosen by the user as to his own preference…Its about Collation & Centralisation…where each member has his own autonomy, his own channels, his own playlists…his own subscribed rss feeds, his own picture repository, his own audio repository etc… all for FREE, NO LIMITS for Audio, ala Soundcloud, etc NO limits or restrictions.

SImples. :laughing:

How are you going to manage if people can upload as many tunes if they want? You’ll run out of storage space quickly, especially because you’re making no revenue at all?

All for it though, don’t get me wrong :slight_smile:

Its not intended for peoples personal music collections.

When I said no limits…please understand it is a free service, being offered to the member community There will be a "fair useage guideline’ just like everywhere that says unlimited. Uploading 1000 mp3s, totally unconnected to your profession or business activities, doesnt seem fair useage.

But if your a sample pack creator, & upload 10,000 drum samples, to showcase, then in our book thats fair useage.

which will be floating. if your a Score/composer in the Film industry, then we have no reservations in awarding as much reasonably required. 300 -400 mins, eg an allocation of limit will be in Minutes, not in Mb. So that there is a general fair useage allocation all round. If your a Pro Dj or electronic musician, 240 eg, mins, is enough for any reasonable useage… being pragmatic, & I undestand your point, but its for professionals actively working in the industry, to showcase etc, not really intended for casual music users uploading there ipod collections.

no limits is rather an aim, rather than a outset replacement for megaupload. :wink:

Also the file type will be mp3, its not for sharing large file transfers of wavs…there are plenty of other services available.

Its not a replacement for soundcloud, it does that very well. there will be forthcoming interaction between soundcloud & the site, Its being integrated after Easter as planned.

we own the servers. with a massive amount of storage at our disposal.

I understand what your saying, Why do we need to earn a revenue pray tell. :question: and at the very beginning at least, splattering the site with ads, doesnt seem the correct way forward, to build the community. Our costs are fixed at onset. This is not a business to make money Strophoid, its a user generated community service. being dedicated to all things related to VST. as far as I remember, other sites can work without ads too, but if the community grows, and we need to integrate new features etc…then we are not ruling out the possibility.

Remember the audio side is a bolt on…an added extra. Not a main part of the service. If it becomes fixed limits, because of abuse, then so be it, or we change to something more suitable.

Cool, sounds great. Hope you can get it off the ground :slight_smile: