Mods: Will the jog/scrub wheel be deleted like in C8.5?

I’m curious when and how do you actually use them?
I have never found any use for them.


You can srub with the pay tool, cue to the frame easily in edit mode…and actually N7.035 has the wheel in the transport window (if that’s what you meant)

I think I’m not reading you correctly…
First, there in no Nuendo version “7.5”. We are currently @ 7.035
Second, the only “wheel” I know of is the one in the transport window.

Please explain exactly what is missing ?

Aha…I see.
Well, strange things have happened before… :astonished:
For me personally, the way widows are handled now is a biggie.

There is a fair chance that it dissapears in Nuendo too with the 7.5 release.
And you are probably the only person in the world who will miss it.

Cleaning up the application …


I won’t miss it either as always used a controller.

In the days when I was working to picture, I used to use it all the time. I can probably do without it now.