I’ve recently begun a quest to educate myself re: mods. I guess I’ve always disliked them sub-consciously, but I’m making a concerted effort to burn them. I’ve been cursing them over a cold Root Beer, but would appreciate any telephone cord input to further my education. What are some of your favorites?

Didn’t the girl from that show marry Quincy Jones?

Mods? As in gear mods, or forum mods? Gear you can do something with… but forum mods, ‘forget about it’ :wink: .


Aloha J. Is this what you mean?

In the early 90’s there was an audio format folks called: ‘Mods’. (at least it was on Mac)

Never knew what it stood for (maybe modulation/demodulation?) and they sounded
terrible but they took up very lil space.

Once the ‘Mp1/2/3’ thang took off, I never saw or used ‘Mods’ again.

Never knew how to make them.

Any proper ( preferably British ) motorcycle will burn them .
The slow scooters that they use to keep their clothes smart are no match for a motorcycle .

( Gordon Sumner in " Quadrophenia " )

cough cough !!! four words …the who , the jam !!!


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