Modular Plugins Host in CB13

If it could be a VSTI & VST where we can drob Cubase’s plugins and 3rd party Plugins with no limitations in serial or parallel besides dual mono mode and we can assign every parameter easily to limitless different types of modules like LFO, Envelopes, Waves follower, Macros, and other tools like mixer for routing signals, ect…
Friendly CPU usage
And another request upgraded sampler where we can throw multiple samples in the same one like other samplers does, and the loop function can be more easy to set a loop + 3 modes of looping algorithms (forward, reversed & back and forth)
Creativity will be beyond the horizon

What you are describing sounds to me like gig performer, either a plugin like that or more advanced routing capabilities in the insert effects section.

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@Vicken yup something like that
Cubase missed this feature and as a music sound guy this option is indispensable in nowadays