Modular Sound Design: VST Patch Matrix

Hi guys,

It’d be so cool to have a modular sound design VST utility. Almost all of the pieces are already there (as demonstrated below**). We’re just missing a way to interlink signals. For instance, can you imagine if we could use 4 instances of AutoPan as LFO generators to control Quadrafuzz’s drive knobs? The possibilities are endless!! :nerd: :nerd:

What if we had a modular “command center”, as an alternative to signal-routing through busses? What if we could send control signals back and forth between plugins and instruments (or even channel strip parameters)?

This could be achieved with something like a “VST patch matrix”, a place to mix and match track inputs/outputs as well as (LFO or MIDI) control signals, which would just require dynamic access to a track’s automation lanes through a parameter from another track.

Can you imagine being able to drag-and-drop matrix parameters between different VST instruments? Like dragging Retrologue’s LFO over to Halion or any of the 70+ audio plugins?

In my opinion, this would put Cubase up there with the top creative DAWs like Reason or Bitwig

**Imagine this chain:

  1. Stereo Track with several instances of Test Generator inserted (this emulates a sort of modular oscillator module).
  2. Route the stereo track to a stereo group with a MIDI Gate on insert slot 1. This sort of emulates the ADSR amplitude envelope. Or you could use Retrologue’s sidechain input to access all of its sound shaping features
  3. Use all other inserts on the stereo group to mold the sound.

This is just a simple example, and we already have many other options. For instance, the “modular sound source” could even be a sampler track or any other kind of track including other VST instruments. Cubase’s architecture and feature-set already include many of the required elements to create a modular sound design monster. We just need a way to interlink the audio and control signals within a single container.

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