Modular vst's and Multi-automation


Two ideas that would let the user do similar type of stuff, the second one is probably easier to implement…

An example: Using an “auto filter”-type plugin where an lfo is sweeping a filter. Being able to connect that lfo’s signal to modulate a function in another plugin. i.e. Modular vst’s …

Another way of achieving something similar (could be in addition or instead of the above):

Be able to automate more than one function with the same automation curve. Basically you create a automation track that then can send it’s value to “x” amount of functions in different plugins. The feature could simply be called “Automation Track” and have automation sends to plugin functions instead as opposed to a regular track which sends to fx returns etc.


In the meantime you might be interested in VSTForx, which does that pretty affordably.

Thanks for the tip MHoughton, looks cool!