Modulate ANYTHING in the pipeline?

So, I just bought Bitwig on sale and… HOLY BALLS, THIS IS THE FUTURE.

Quick question for the Steinbergers out there: is there any plan to implement this amazing, incredible, jaw-dropping, absolutely WILD system of modulating basically anything you can think of with whatever kind of modulator you could ever care to? This is absolutely incredible and feels modern on a level I just couldn’t have imagined before actually using it for myself. It’s a quantum leap in how we think about creative plugin use.

Please? PLEASE, Steinberg? I hope to transition to a mix of Bitwig and Ableton for most things, but I still really like some aspects of Cubase when it doesn’t crash or crackle or pop on me quite a bit. It’s still very powerful in some important respects. And, I just bought Spectrayers Pro 10 (also on sale, thank you very much for that, Steiny), so that makes it even more so for me.

But I just find Steinberg’s arbitrary limitations like 8 quick controls, 4 MIDI insert effects, etc., feel really, really, really, really dated and pointless. Especially the MIDI insert effects: I should be able to use infinite Transformers if I want to. I find them really useful.

You will not receive an answer from Steinberg about this.

Have fun with Bitwig.