Modulate EQ Freq with LFO

Hello, I saw a video where Pro-Q Filter Freq was modulated with LFO in Reaper for sound design purpose. Is it possible in Cubase Pro? (Except automation track with sine).

Yeah, but unless they have added some things in Cubase 10 I’m not yet aware of, or unless the plugin you wish to drive is VST3 and has a MIDI input, and CC learnable controls that you can directly assign a track’s output and drive via MIDI, or unless you happen to own something like Bidule that’d let you (host within a host) set up some LFO generators for the thing, it’s a bit of a hack.

  1. You’d need a virtual MIDI port. For Windows I personally like Tobias Erichsne’s loopMIDI. If you’re on a Mac, I believe you can set up Virtual Ports through the native Core Audio settings.

  2. You’d connect a MIDI track to this virtual MIDI port, and assign a MIDI LFO effect to one of the track’s insert slots, and set it to monitor.

  3. You’d make sure the VST you want to automate is loaded up in the project, then make a Generic Remote Map that binds directly to the VST control in question. The ‘input’ of this Generic Remote map would be your virtual port referenced above.

In short, it’s a round about way to use a MIDI track insert to drive some control via the Cubase Remote Device system.

There are other ways…I personally would just choose a plugin that has built in LFO options if possible, or chain host it in a Bidule instance, where I can make all sorts of nifty sound altering goodies, as it has numerous number/tone generators that can be forged into very powerful LFO effects.

Here are some threads about it…

You can do this with MELDA Plugins e.g., there´s a great FREE Bundle - with EQ´s and Filter´s, and you can draw LFO curves… highly recommend and great for Sounddesigners too:

Another solution in Cubase is to use the wonderful “Step Filter” onstock Plugin - draw a smooth sine curve, add bandpass filter and go with 50 percent mix e.g. It´s the same as LFO Modulation… :sunglasses:


Sure, just use midi learn to connect the Pro-Q frequency control to an LFO:

I will just put a tool if anyone else will get interested: MUX Modular Synth and Effect Plug-In from MuTools. The one awesome thing!

I just tried it with the cc controller approach. Add a MIDI channel and assign the Pro-Q of the desired audio track as MIDI Output.
You can draw any cc automation or you can use the Auto LFO Midi Insert. Choose any cc nr and just learn it within the Pro-Q. - Cool.
Problem I see with this approach is the resolution, e.g. cc 0…127 translates to 0…30kHz frequency or to -30db…+30db gain.

Try Cubase’s Vibrato or Tremolo, it’s VST3, it doesn’t support CC learn and you can’t tune two rotaries simultaneously with a mouse. And doing so with a MIDI controller is very tedious too. So you kinda could have many automation lines for every control and messing arround with them… Cubase is really behind in this field of advanced sound design thing

Is this maybe because cubase is a daw and not a musical instrument/synthesizer?

Probably yes. It has been discussed here before and some feature requests are also placed here. I would love to have a kind of LFOs available…

Abletone, FL Studio, Bitwig, Studio One, Reaper managed to implement this, is Cubase any worse?
Why it’s not possible bind 2-3 parameters to a Quick Control rotary? Sounds pretty easy

Things like this are not easy to do in Cubase, actually impossible with only stock plugins.

Bitwig is a DAW which lets you treat your DAW as an instrument, creatively. Cubase is light years away in this case, its not made for this but has other things it excels at, like recording and mixing.

Cubase does a good enough job of binding pretty much anything to a quick control, so, why not just let me then assign a controller or midi capable modulation plugin such as the wonderful MCCGenerator to those parameters? Instead i’m a little limited in what i can modulate and with what at the moment.