Modulate Position Of XY using XLFO

Currently, I have an XY template on my custom macro page. The X and Y are assigned to 2 separate busses that are linked to VOL 1 and VOL 2 of four different layers via the modulation matrix.
I’d like to make use of the new XLFO where it modulates the position of the XY toggle but I’m struggling at implementing this feature.

So if it worked, the shape of the XLFO would continuously alter the position of the XY toggle thus changing the balance of the volume between the four separate layers.

I have no problem balancing the volume between the four layers with the XY, it’s just the modulation I can’t seem to get right. Assigning the VOL 1 and VOL 2 of each layer into bus 1 and bus 2 in the matrix, linking the busses to the XY template and then modulating both busses with the XLFO X and X LFO Y doesn’t quite yield the result I’m looking for.

Any suggestions or help will be much appreciated!

If I need to clarify what I’m asking for for anyone, I’d be more than happy to do so.