Modulating animation. Possible with creative routing via LFO?

I’m coming to the end of my project and starting to think creatively with nice-to-haves and discovered I can assign a parameter to an Animation object. This means I can assign an image to the filter cutoff and make it change when the filter is swept. I have this functionality working perfectly.

However, I would like to take this one step further and assign the image to LFO2 (currently unused) and have it modulating at a very slow speed so that the image changes subtlely over time. I tried assigning LFO2 to an unused parameter (let’s say pan for example) and then in turn, assigning the image to pan. However, doing this only picks up the initial pan value and not the modulated pan value.

Can anybody think of some creative routing to get this functioning. It really would be amazing to see my GUI come to life.

If you use mono LFO (midi module) then you could use the PhaseMonitor parameter. I just tried it with a knob connected to it and it works. The knob keeps moving. So it should also work with animation, I guess.

LFO needs to be assigned as source in modulation matrix. Otherwise it doesn’t work.
But you can leave the destination “unassigned”.

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Woohoo!!! Working. I have a living, breathing GUI.