Modulating LFO Frequency as a Destination Parameter (?)

This is my first post on this forum, so… Yippee! :laughing: Hopefully this will be a new way for me to be productive at work. :bulb:

Typical introductions aside, the title of this post pretty much explains my question. Is it possible to modulate LFO frequency in Retrologue? I was playing around last night, and giving an interested friend somewhat of a crash course through subtractive synthesis using Retrologue, and I was attempting to assign an LFO Frequency as a destination parameter in the mod matrix. I swore that I’d done this before (it may have actually been in HAlion), but couldn’t find a way to recreate it.

Basically the goal of a patch with the LFO mod would be to provide a pulsing, bassy saw wave with controllable frequency. I’ve got an LFO modulating cutoff &/ level, which ideally could be frequency controlled and mapped to the mod wheel of my controller as the source.

Is Retrologue capable of this? If not, what about Retrologue 2? I’ve been considering upgrading, and if Retrologue 2 has more advanced modulation capabilities I’ll probably pull the trigger right away.

You can modulate frequency and also shape of LFO 3 and LFO 4 in Retrologue 2.