Modulation at midi keyboard changed

i have a simple midi keyboard, ESI Key-control 49 everything worked good until i tried to assign new midi controller AKAI LPD 8 also, they both are working and sending midi signals but i did something wrong at the Quick Controls section at Device Setup probably, so for example if i have a Sylenth1 open, now when i move the modulation wheel on my midi keyboard it affects the Attack and not the Modulation. so, how do i restore it so the modulation will change the modulation? i tried to figure it out but didn’t get any success…

Thank you very much.

Try to Switch Off your Quick Controls (open Quick Keys palette on the track, and use the button). You can find out, this is Quick Control problem, or it’s not.

The second one place, you should check, is Devices > Device Setup > Generic Remote. Did you set something here?