Modulation dropping into negative values?

I’ve got an incredibly odd and incredibly frustrating bug going on. I’m adding some dynamics to my string patches via the modulation lane, but when there’s no active value changes happening, the modulation value just plummets into infinity. It goes past 0 and just keeps dropping into negative values. So basically I can’t hold a single value. I’ve attached a screenshot to show what I mean. As you can see, the modulation value should be at 127, but it’s doing this instead. I’ve had this issue once before and I can’t recall how I fixed it or what I did to trigger it.

I did a bit more trouble shooting and the issue seems to be coming from the MIDI clips. If I create a new instrument and drag the original midi clip to it, the problem transfers to that track. Alternatively, if I create a new midi clip, and copy paste the contents of the old midi clip, the issue disappears.


I would expect, this is just a graphical glitch. I would expect, it’s back to normal, once you close and reopen the Key Editor.

What value can you see in the MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert, please?

Do you use HiDPI screen by any chance?

I think it’s more than graphic as it’s actually changing the dynamics of my instruments. That’s the part that makes it frustrating as all my effected tracks are dropping to their lowest dynamic samples after the last modulation point. I inserted the MIDI Monitor and it’s displaying the same issue, though it’s stops at 0 and keeps registering 0 values. I’ve attached a screen shot of it. image

Not sure you say my 2nd comment, but it seems to be an issue with the midi clip itself. When I manually copy the data to a new midi clip the issue disappears. All the problematic MIDI clips (5 in total) all come from one midi clip originally. I arrange my strings on one ensemble track and then copy that MIDI clip to other tracks with specific instruments (violins, violas, etc) and remove the notes that instrument isn’t meant to play. So I’m assuming the original clip is the source of the problem, but I don’t know what I did to trigger this bug and how it somehow effects the duplicated midi clips.


I’m afraid, the MIDI Part became corrupted for some reason (hard to say why and how). I’m afraid the only way is to copy the MIDI Events out of it to a new MIDI Part.

Would you be willing to share the project (delete all other tracks, keep just the corrupted one, please). Maybe we will find something.

Yes I can do that. Where’s a good place to send it?


You can share the Dropbox (or similar service) link here.