Modulation for a specific audio event


I want to apply modulation to a specific audio event (not to the entire audio track). In older versions of Cubase, I could right-click on an audio event and select a modulation. I can’t find the modulation when I right-click on my Cubase 12. Is single event modulation available in Cubase 12 element?



From the Audio menu > Process, select the plug-in, you want to use. It’s called Direct Offline Process, now.

Thanks for the response.
The menu in ‘processes’ only includes basic audio processing like reverse, fade, gain, etc.
It does not include plug-ins like delay, reverb or modulations like Metalizer, RingModulator, Vibrato, Tremolo, etc.
Is there a way to apply these plug-ins\modulations to a specific audio event?


Direct Offline Processing isn’t available in Cubase Element, but only in Pro version.
That’s the reason why you can only access basic process.

I suppose your Events are all on the same track, in that case, simply move that particular Event to another track, then add effects.

That said, if you had the Pro version, plug-ins would be listed under Audio > Plug-ins, and not Audio > Process…



You can also add the Insert effect to the Send bus and automate the Send On/Off on the source track.